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We are pleased to announce that Panini Cafe has officially changed its name to Panini Kabob Grill!

Panini Cafe was founded over 20 years ago and as tastes have evolved so have we. Over the course of the past 2 decades, we’ve gone from being known for our tasty Paninis, to attracting customers from all over Southern California with our popular, healthy and delicious Charbroiled Kabobs . We are more than just a cafe. We are a shared dining experience for family and friends, who return over and over again for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Why the name change? Customers often tell us that before they got hooked on our kabobs, they thought we only served cafe food. Our new name reflects the array of delicious Mediterranean fare made fresh in-house, that has earned its way into the hearts of over 5 million diners a year.

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The high toxicity of castor beans was recognized during the last century when the extract was found to agglutinate a suspension of erythrocytes of different animal species. Since then, lectins were studied and extracted from plants, including fungus and lichens, as well as in animals.

Lectins are glycoproteins of 60,000-100,000 MW that are known for their ability to agglutinate (clump) erythrocytes in vitro. There are over 400,000 estimated binding sites for kidney bean agglutinin on the surface of each erythrocytes. Lectins are found in most types of beans, including soybeans. Reduced growth, diarrhea, and interference with nutrient absorption are caused by this class of toxicants. Different lectins have different levels of toxicity, though not all lectins are toxic, though no all are toxins. The bright scarlet seeds of precatory bean Abrus precatorius contain the highly toxic glycoprotein, abrin. Less toxic lectins can be fatal if ingested in high amounts. Some of such lectins is concanavalin A from Concanavalia ensiformis (jack bean). Others may exhibit no hemagglutinating activity as in the case of ricin from castor bean and yet it is one of the most toxic substances.

The terms phytohemagglutinins, phytagglutinins, and lectins are used interchangeably. Lectins-containing plants have been found in many botanical groups including mono- and dicotyledons, molds and lichens, but most frequently they have been detected in Leguminoseae and Euphorbiaceae. They may exist in various tissues of the same plant and have different cellular localizations and molecular properties.

Lectins interaction with certain carbohydrate is very specific. This interaction is as specific as the enzyme-substrate, or antigen-antibody interactions. Lectins may bind with free sugar or with sugar residues of polysaccharides, glycoproteins, or glycolipids which can be free or bound (as in cell membranes). The term lectin refers to the specificity of the reaction (legere = to choose).

One of the major interest in this class of glycoproteins is the therapeutic use against HIV-1. Jacalin, a plant lectin, is found to completely block human immunodeficiency virus type 1 in vitro infection of lymphoid cells. This activity of the jacalin is attributed to its ability to specifically induce the proliferation of CD4+ T lymphocytes in human.

[Lectins in Food] DESIGN belted check slim leg trouser Multi Asos Collections Cheap Sale Cheap qLtxU
[Lectins Structure] [Lectins in Plant Tissues] [Toxicity of Lectins] [Detoxification] [Lectins and Cancer] [References] [Return to list of toxicants]

The ability to agglutinate human erythrocytes or representatives of human indigenous microflora was detected in 29 of 88 food items. Many foods contained substantial amounts of agglutinating activity, and lectins extracts could be diluted several folds and still produce agglutination. Great variation was observed in agglutination activity in the same food item purchased from different stores or from the same store on different days. Sometimes a food that possessed substantial activity on one day was found to have little or even no activity on other day.

Abel Mullen

Great article Miriam,

To answer your questions:

1. No. Which does not make it possible for me to answer #2 and #3

4. Not yet.

5. To be honest, I never really thought about the Question and Answer feature from Google, but reading your article I realized the importance of it! It think it really can be beneficial to local businesses to make sure to answer their questions as good as possible. So I think it might be a winner.

Miriam Ellis

Good luck in giving it a try, Abel, and thanks for taking the time to reply!


Agreed, great article.

I've never had to post a question as normally there is an existing thread with multiple answers/solutions to my issue.

May have answered one or two.

I think it's a useful resource!

Bob Kastner

Great article, as usual! I'm shocked that there are zero answers from owners for all the listings you checked. That almost seems like something is broken -- like maybe owners have left some answers, but Google isn't displaying those for some reason (or they weren't displaying them when you were auditing). Or maybe it's just really zero, but that's super strange.

One thing I wanted to mention -- although there isn't a dashboard in GMB for QA, if you click on Settings, you can hit the email notification checkbox for QA. That should alert owners of any new questions asked about their biz (so they don't need to worry about consistently checking their listing).


Miriam Ellis
Womens Striped Washed Silk Blouse Frame Denim Clearance Newest Free Shipping Cheap Price Dh30X5

Big thumbs up on your tip, Bob. Wow! I haven't seen anyone else figure this out. Amazing. Going to share your tip on Twitter.

And yes, I was pretty surprised by that big column of zeros.

Zach Short

Hey Miriam,

I have adopted this as a part of my ORM strategy for some clients we service. We noticed one really interesting thing...our owner's responses were being filtered almost immediately. Additionally, when we checked the answers, different ones would appear while searching from different locations.

Have you (or anyone else) noticed this?

We feel it could be Google discouraging owner's from answering, and instead showing preference to organic answers, which as you pointed out, seems to be counter-intuitive if LGs and RUs are supplying low-quality answers.

Bubblecar says

An interesting article, but one that actually reinforces what many of the feminists have been arguing – that male sexuality is often dangerous and destructive, and needs to be subject to very tight social control.

It’s interesting to contrast this article with the one about “rape culture”. It could be argued that sexual morality and its legal enforcement is fundamentally concerned with minimising or containing an underlying rape culture, and that it doesn’t actually do a very good job of it.

Further progress may only be possible in a transhumanist future, where human sexuality – particularly male sexuality – is modified or even deleted at a species level, via biotechnological intervention of some kind.

dirk says

Like castration, or, maybe, lobotomy. With modern lab methods, you need only 1 male for 1000 females, so,there is ample selection choice in wanted male DNA (not too dominant of course, that would be counterproductive).

Bubblecar says

No, I’m talking about future techniques that modify the fundamental human genetic recipe.

If there comes a day when humanity can leave sexuality behind, we will then need to ask: does the value (if any) of human sexuality outweigh the many problems it causes?

One obvious point would be that many people find sexual behaviour pleasurable, but that’s a simple matter of cause and effect: we find it pleasurable only because we’re genetically programmed to find it pleasurable.

I find it easy to imagine a non-sexual human species that enjoys far more pleasure, affection and companionship in less primitive and problematic ways.

dirk says

If I may believe Johan, in Sweden this exists already, thanks to a strict a-sexual education from the toddler age onwards in children kindergarten (because mum is working and emancipated, so, no time for the baby after the 3 month afterbirth allowance), and all this in the present, non transhumanist society. This is Europe.

dirk says

Sorry, I hear it’s more than a full yr for mum, plus an extra 3 months for dad, what a luxury.

Dan says

The transhumanist angle is very interesting. As society trends towards a state where our minds define our identities more than our bodies, this is plausible. However, one of the considerations that is often ignored is that part of existence involves tasks whereby we subjugate our own identity for the good of the other or the community. Child-rearing is one of the greatest constraints on personal autonomy, and not something I could see a non-sexual transhumanist society willfully undertaking. It gets complex, of course. But sexuality and reproduction are biologically interlinked, and we simply don’t know whether engineering the removal of one will consequentially remove the other.

dirk says

That sounds Schopenhauer, the pessimist and gynofoob, but savant of human behaviour and drives. He saw sexuality and romantic love as a trick needed for human reproduction, without which men and women would never become so stupid to marry and be locked in matrimony for life.

Gypsy Boots (@Wordwonkery) says

“As society trends towards a state where our minds define our identities more than our bodies…”

Gnostic belief systems that reject physicality in favor of “spirituality” and that denigrate the body and sexuality have come to the fore in several times and places, including late-Roman Alexandria, 10th century Bulgaria and 11th-century Provence, and have been present in some form in the West since the inception of Christianity.

Algator says

Are you aware that you’re expressing, in a 21st century idiom, Saint Augustine’s lament about sexual reproduction, from The City of God? Of course Augustine would be horrified by your proposal to perfect nature through technological means rather than by means of grace.

Okaro says

“The fact that both chimps and bonobos have such large testicles means we can tentatively infer that our Last Common Ancestor before our lineage split from theirs likely had large testicles as well. ”

Since chimps and bonobos separated only some million years ago, we really cannot tell anything about the common ancestor of them and humans from their similarity. The conclusion may be true but the evidence does not support it.

dirk says

Funny that you mention it Gypsy, I just recently came to know about this gnostic thing. It is not very christian of course, it all started in the Middle East with the prophets Mani and Zarathustra, but, yes, has uptil now its influence on western christians and seculars alike. Maybe that even the Metoo related prohibition of the female in bikini is a late emanation of this Eastern movement.

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